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Weekly Mowing & Maintenance

Why should you choose NarrowLeaf Landscapes for your mowing and weekly yard maintenance services? NarrowLeaf Landscapes offers quality mowing services with some of the highest quality commercial equipment the market has to offer. We have over 10 years experience mowing, trimming, edging, blowing, and caring for our customers property's. 

We do it right! We take great pride in alternating the mowing direction every week to ensure no ruts are developing in the lawn, so the grass stays healthy, and to maintain a pristine look. We also mow when the grass is dry, so if it's raining, you can expect us to contact you letting you know we'll be back a different day that week.

We work with a local small engine business to help ensure good running engines, mowers, and trimmers on our equipment. We sharpen and maintain our blades regularly on our lawn mowers to ensure a sharp and clean cut every time.

We work hard to notice the all the details, to make sure we've cut the whole lawn, to ensure we've closed any gates we've been through, and most importantly, that you're happy with the services you receive.  

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