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Core Aerations

Core aerations are round, core holes (often mistaken as dog poop) that are made into a lawn, usually performed in the fall or spring. This procedure is recommended to be done once, maybe twice a year, preferably in the fall time, and preferably to be done just before fertilizing.

Core aerations provide oxygen, water, fertilizer, and other nutrients to get deeper into the soil to help the lawn grow green and luscious.

Our aerations are performed extra thoroughly, and we do our best to pay attention to your sprinkler heads. 

NarrowLeaf Landscapes has been performing core aerations to customers from North Ogden to Layton, from West Haven to Morgan. Lots of our happy customers request core aerations as well as power raking and de-thatching during the same visit (see more about our power raking and de-thatching services).

With these services in such high demand, we perform them on a first come, first serve basis. So get your quote before our schedule is full!

For more information or to learn more on core aerations, check out our blog, here.